Episode 109: Ubuntu 12.04 Beta Review


  • Linus Torvalds – Patent buster (Wired)
  • Fuduntu 2012.2 available for download (Fuduntu)

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  • Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin

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  • How to install Gnome 3.4 on Ubuntu 12.04 (NoobsLab)

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12 Replies to “Episode 109: Ubuntu 12.04 Beta Review”

  1. Brian

    Great podcast guys! I listen to a lot of podcasts but yours is the one I look forward to most.
    Just one thing about the audio. Rob’s audio was lower that that of James and Scott.Also I think the overall level is a bit on the low side.
    I probably wouldn’t have noticed this had I been at home, in Yorkshire, UK, listening on speakers.
    Currently I am in Spain.I pick up a 5GHz WiFi signal and download the podcast to my EeePC 901. Then I transfer it to my HTC Desire mobile phone and listen on earphones.
    I’ve not liked Unity in the past and your comments put the final nail in that coffin – I won’t be trying Unity, I will give GNOME 3 and Cinnamon a try though.
    I was concerned to hear that the latest Kernel versions have omitted some WiFi drivers. I can’t see the logic in that. Connecting to the Net is the most basic requirement – why make that more difficult? I’m hoping that the some of the Distros will have this sorted.
    I don’t know why we British sometimes use the word ‘whilst’ when ‘while’ would do. However, until recent times no-one here used the word ‘gotten’ as is often used by US citizens. The word ‘bunch’ would only be used in reference to flowers and never to people, things etc. Now it is common for may Brits to use this US terminology.

    • scott

      I apologize for the audio levels. Rob’s master track was all over the place, louder in some spots and quiet for most. The more attempts I made at leveling it out, the worse it got. Hopefully it isn’t unlistenable.

      – Scott

  2. gleefeld

    You raised some interesting and vital konserns about gnome 3,ubuntu unity and mint. Please have clem on your show soon to explain the future direktion for mint. For example: would lmde be the better choise for mint’s “main” edition? Putting cinnamon ontop of lmde might be the better choice and just drop ubuntu and unity.

  3. Mxkid

    Hey guys, As always love the podcast.

    I think 12.04 is really about where Unity has come from and not about where it may be right now. Unity at first was absolutely awful. The bar on the left was massive the, search features in dash didn’t search the whole machine, it didn’t have notification icons for everything, and it was down right ugly. In 12.04 Unity feels like its starting to look and feel like I think it was envisioned. The bar on the left is now resizable, dash searches much of your computer and with the addition of MyUnity or Ubuntu-Tweaks you can customise the system enough to get a pretty usable desktop.

    For the past year the entire gnome community has been left without a home. Those of us who fell in love with the gnome 2 desktop having “Applications Places System” menus 1 click away, are tapping our heals together hoping to land some place like home. Unity in it’s current form isn’t perfect, neither is gnome 3, cinnamon, kde, LMDE, XFCE, ect. But that’s why they all exist, because someone said hey I wish my desktop did “this”. Without these environments, success or fail, we wouldn’t have half of what we have today, and by that I mean options. Microsoft gives us Windows. We don’t like it, we tell them we don’t like it, and release after release its the same thing… Linux changes that, and opens up a world of choices as vast as your fingers can handle. I Appreciate the fact that the Linux world isn’t just KDE, Gnome 3, Cinnamon or Unity… its everything and can be anything…

    Like it or hate Unity has come a long ways in the past year and they will continue to find their voice in our community just like the rest…


  4. Andrew

    Another great episode — and shout-out — zomg!

    I’m still running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on the oldest computer in my house, and will now likely replace that with the Mint LXDE. Thanks for the heads-up 🙂

  5. MikeC

    Just a heads up for any LMDE XFCE users out there: when I applied Update Pack 4, Mint-Debian-Update decided to install Nautilus for no readily apparent reason, and in turn it screwed up my profile to the point where I had to completely rebuild my home directory (getting rid of a lot of accumulated cruft along the way, which probably contributed to the problem). That, and though I’ve got the header files for the 3.2 kernel, I am still stuck on the 2.6.39 kernel. I haven’t dug into that much, however, as I am happy where I am, but it is a curiousity I will tackle one of these days.

    • merelyjim

      I installed 4 as well, on two machines, but didn’t have this problem…
      Just for giggles, run thunar from the terminal. If there’s nothing there, run “sudo apt-get dist-upgrade –fix-missing” from the command-line.
      This could take a while, so plug in with Cat5, and expect a LOT of code to get shifted around.
      This is not an easy, in-place, upgrade. Please back-up your data before swimming…

      • MikeC

        I ended up manually installing the linux-image file for the 3.2 PAE kernel, so hopefully future updates will come in normally.

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