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  • mintCast 157: The World of Desktop BSD

    Listen: mintcast157.mp3 or mintcast157.ogg News: Open source desktop developers meet at freedesktop Summit. (h-online.com) Debian 7 Wheezy gets a tentative release date. (ostatic.com) More information on the demise of Fuduntu. […]

  • mintCast 144: grepsedAWK

    mintcast144.mp3 mintcast144.ogg News: [ 9:20] Developers at the Treasury Board of Canada create popular open source project. (wired.com) [13:10] Fedora 18 – Spherical Cow will be released on Jan 15th. […]

  • I want to learn to write programs

    On our last show we answered a mail from one of our listeners, who asked: I want to learn to write programs in Linux. This is not the first time […]

  • mintCast Episode 5

    In this episode Wine 1.1.13 Released Stress from a computer screen? innovations-report Why Windows 7 will crush Linux networkworld Why Windows 7 Will Never Kill Off Linux networkworld Rothgar Palm […]

  • mintCast Episode 4

    In this episode: The “I’m Linux” Video Contest linuxfoundation.org Firefox Share Tops 20% for November netapplications.com Rothgar tells us about software that can use various types of media: audio, video, […]

  • mintCast Episode 3

    In this episode Linux Mint 6 released: www.linuxmint.com OpenSUSE 11.1 released: opensuse.org Economist web site recommends Linux for netbooks: www.economist.com Linux is holding our kids back: linuxlock.blogspot.com linuxlock.blogspot.com Majel Barrett-Roddenberry […]

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