mintCast Wallpaper voting

Listeners were asked to submit a wallpaper of their making that advertised mintCast in some way and were encouraged to be creative. We have over 80 wallpapers for you to vote on. Please vote for your favorite 5 wallpapers here.
The top two winners will both win IBM laptops (R51 and R40).

Rules for voting:
1. You are allowed to vote for your top 5 wallpapers.
2. You are only allowed to vote for your favorite 5 wallpapers once.

Click on any thumbnail for the full resolution wallpaper. Due to limitations of the poll system we were not able to submit every variation of a wallpaper that was submitted, but we tried to be fair and submit as many as we could.

If you would like to download all of the wallpapers in one .zip file you can get that HERE. Included in the .zip is a “mintcast.xml” file, which is a rotating background for gnome. Simply copy/move the entire mintcast folder to /usr/share/backgrounds/ (the default gnome background folder) and then drag the XML file into the “change background window” (right click on your desktop and select “change desktop background”). Or you can set a static wallpaper by simply extracting the wallpaper and dragging the single picture you want into the “change background window”.

Thank you all for your submissions and good luck to the winners.
Voting has ended but you can still download all the wallpapers below
Congratulations to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places

In no particular order, here are the rest of the entries we received.

Thank you to everyone that made this a success and congratulations again to the winners.

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