mintCast 301 – Containerized Packages (mp3)

Bi-Weekly Wanderings

  • Leo
    • Got a tiny little HP Stream, and of course, put Linux Mint 19.1 on it
    • Getting into video editing using Shotcut from flatpak
  • Tony W
    • Dell 7130 testing
      • Wifi does not work out of box (expected)
      • dock/undock issues in Linux
      • Disable USB 3.0 Controller to get keyboard working in Grub etc
      • Ubuntu 16.04
      • Mint 19.1
      • Android x86
  • Joe
    • The Cons of the 7130
      • Battery life is not that great
      • Need proprietary charger if drained low
      • Loud under high load
      • Will not support 2 displaylink monitors very well
      • The largest micro sd card i can get it to reliably support is 32gb
      • Heavier than a normal tablet or surface pro
    • Mounted an sd drive to the save folder.
      • Remember to add to fstab or disks
      • Prefer to format ext4 next time
    • Waiting for parts from China sucks
    • Need to setup ssh keys on new device
    • Got a 3d printer
    • Cura appimage
    • Mcomix snap
  • Moss
    • GAFilk in Atlanta was great 1/10-1/13.
    • I got rid of LMDE, wasn’t using it or even configuring it. Replaced with Deepin 15.8, couldn’t get Grub Customizer (they used to include this). Replaced that with MX 18. I REALLY like this distro but HATE the desktop.
    • I finally got tired of apologizing for KDE neon. Half the time I booted to it, the full desktop would not load; it would halt at different points.
    • LM 19.1 MATE has been offering zero problems for either myself or my wife. I did an upgrade from 19 on my machine, full install on hers.
    • Got all my new gear in from Tux Digital — sticker, hoodie. Hoodie is VERY lightweight — and one size smaller than advertised (but so am I). Absolutely love love love the logo.
    • LM 19.1 XFCE has not been any better than MATE in any way that I can see, and one of my games locks up (PySol FC) from the time I attempt to play the first card. Looking for a replacement.
    • Bodhi 5.0.0 huh?
  • Tony H
    • Resubscribed to the MagPi magazine and got a free Pi3 A+ as a free gift, check it out here:

    • Recording HPR episodes 2735, 2738 and 2743
    • Baking Bread
    • Reinstalling a Lenovo x201 i5
    • Dual booting a Dell E6220 for a young member of our LUG Joe

The News

Linux Innards

  • Moss
    • Repos, deb/rpm, PPAs and Synaptic/Apt
  • Tony H
    • Software Manager – Flatpack applications are available in the software manager.
    • I also installed the appimage of Etcher on my laptop and Desktop PC and as each programme is independent of each other you can have more than one version of the same programme installed and running at the same time.
  • Joe
    • Docker
  • Leo
    • Flatpak, Snap
  • TonyW
    • AppImage
      • Wide selection of app images here

Check This Out!

  • Leo
    • To see if you can turn on fwupdate
      • fwupdate -s
    • To enable it
      • fwupdate -e
    • To list updates
      • fwupdate -l
  • Moss
    • Shell for Newbies! Fish shell 3.0
      • Autosuggestions as you type
      • Syntax highlighting with extensive error checking.
      • Searchable command history.
      • 256 terminal colors
      • Advanced tab completion.
      • Web-based configuration
      • A special help command gives access to all the fish documentation in the user’s web browser
      • Error messages designed to actually tell the user what went wrong and what can be done about it
      • Much, much more
    • Does anyone care that Gradio has been replaced by Shortwave?
  • Tony H
    • While at my LUG the conversation turned to aircraft and one of the members mentioned this web site that allows you to track flight movements.,15/6
    • I was listening to one of the many podcasts that I listen to, Destination Linux and they mentioned this bundle service for books similar to Humble Bundle, called Story Bundle. They currently have a SciFi bundle available and you can choose how much the authors receive of your purchase donation.

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