Josh Lowe (Retired)

Josh is a 15 year old student and software developer and Linux enthusiast based in the North West of England who spends most of his time developing a project called EduBlocks. EduBlocks is a drag and drop version of Python 3 which allows students to learn the Python syntax with minimal errors, allowing younger children to access Python. This is something that is a huge problem around the world and especially in the UK with the new computing curriculum meaning that students find it difficult due to a number of reasons; as well as teachers not having the correct training in which to deliver this language. The aim of EduBlocks is to make the transition from block based programs like Scratch to Python easier for students and teachers, as presently there is no drop-in solution that bridges this gap. EduBlocks is currently being used in 120+ different countries around the world by students and teachers alike and includes support for teaching Python, micro:bit, CircuitPython and Raspberry Pi to people of all ages. Josh also travels around the world with EduBlocks talking about how his experiences of being a student in the classroom gave him the idea to develop EduBlocks. He’s given talks to audiences of over 3500 people and delivers numerous workshops each month to disadvantaged kids in his local area using EduBlocks to give them an opportunity to discover the world of technology and coding. EduBlocks includes a number of resources and lesson plans that are available for free to all and written by Josh. EduBlocks is having major effects in schools worldwide with it being used in multiple cross curricular projects so that kids as young as 8 can create fun projects using a proper software language. He also travels the world delivering talks and workshops as well as helping to run a community magazine.

Josh found out about Linux Mint after a recommendation from fellow mintCast host Tony Hughes and has been using it in a dual boot Windows 10 + Linux Mint scenario ever since.

You can find Josh at:

Twitter: @all_about_code


Email: [email protected]

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