Joe B

I have been working production support for major companies for 8 years now. Before that I did a little bit of everything while trying to finish my degree. Worked at 7-11 for 5 years, worked security made pistons and heads for hydraulics, spent 4 years in the military working with patriot missile systems. About the time I was finishing up my degree in Computer Science, I decided that the best way to learn something was to immerse myself in it. I distro hopped for a while and decided that I liked Linux Mint the best. I have been using it ever since.

I was a military brat from a military family. Born in Alaska, I started school in Germany. Graduated high school with a class of 33 people in small town Iowa. I started out learning to write BASIC on my Grandpa’s old Atari 800. Participated in the adventures in super computing program all through high school while learning C++. I love to tinker and enjoy soldering (mostly headphones) these days I don’t do much programming but I do love me some scripting and automation. I love working with the Raspberry Pi’s that i have and playing with MAMEs. Lately my interests have been in tablets and seeing how well Mint works on them. But that can change at any time and I may get back to working with SOC’s (still need to revisit my mopidy project)

I participate in 2 other podcasts at the time of this writing, The Linux Link tech Show and the Linux LUGcast. I started podcasting because after living in the same place for 15 years (a record for me), I had to move again and missed my old techie friends and needed someone to talk tech with. I also participate in the local LUG when i can.

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