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In our Innards section, we make our 2020 Predictions!

And finally, our listener feedback


2020 Predictions:

  • Joe
    • We will see many more operating systems that are optimized and working for the Raspberry Pi 4.  
    • Probably also see a new slim version sometime this year
    • Microsoft will push more towards applications that can run on either operating system.  We will still be blind to their evil plans.
    • The announcement for edge OS will be towards the end of the year
  • Leo
    • Microsoft Office will have a native Linux version released
    • Adobe Photoshop will have a native Linux version released
    • AutoCAD will have a native Linux version released
    • Moss will record a Gentoo show
    • Firefox vs. The World. Firefox will be the last popular non-Chromium holdout.
  • Tony W
    • Maru OS will significantly expand supported devices
      • Will add support for a Oneplus device, very likely 3/3T
      • Will also add support for Galaxy Note devices, Note 9 and/or Note 10
    • We will see convergence on Pine64 devices, with Pinephone able to dock to peripherals and run full desktop applications
    • A big box store will sell a PC preconfigured with Linux in 2020
  • Tony H
    • Linux Driver support will continue to improve and more hardware manufacturers (Nvidia I’m looking at you) will develop open source Linux Drivers. 
    • I’m banking on a New R.Pi revision if not a totally new model, I still think that adding M.2 support, as other SBC manufacturers have, is the way to go in the long term. But this will probably require a totally new board design and may still be a year or 2 away. It may be that someone designs an add on board that will provide this function, but if they do it needs to be a device that allows the drive to be the boot drive.  
  • Moss
    • I was going to beg off on any predictions. But no. Now that Canonical has agreements with Microsoft for WSL and Amazon for Ubuntu Pro and AWS, I predict they will begin (or continue, if they have already begun in secret) working on agreements with other megacorps such as Alphabet, Oracle, SAP, and Apache.
    • If they succeed with any one of these new alliances, they will be insulated from potential buyouts and takeovers. I therefore predict this is the year they go IPO.
  • Oliver
    • End of Windows 7 support won’t increase the Linux desktop uptake
    • Intel’s new Graphics card wont suck on Linux
  • Eric Lietz (listener)
    • Purism will go out of business – the Librem 5 phone endeavor will put it under
    • The PinePhone will be an amazing product and success story for Pine64
    • An major industry specific software company (Adobe, Autodesk (for AutoCAD), or similar) will offer a Linux version for a flagship software product
    • Microsoft will offer Office 365 on Linux
    • Linux preinstalled from a major hardware supplier will be available in big box stores available off of the shelf


  •  Katya* (from Discord)
  • Erik Lietz
  • Benjamin Moser



  • Next Episode will be January 12th, 2PM Central, 8PM UTC


Before we leave, we want to make sure to acknowledge some of the people who make mintCast possible … 

  • Josh for all his work on the website and the livestream
  • Bytemark Hosting for hosting and our Mumble server
  • for hosting our audio files
  • The Linux Mint development team for the fine distro we love to talk about (Thanks, Clem!)

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