mintCast 297 PI in the sky – Edited

Bi-Weekly Wanderings:

  • Leo
    • Played with OSMC at Tony Hughes’ recommendation.
    • Digging through Snap, Flatpak and AppImages
  • Tony W
    • SSDs, Google home mini + chromecast, chromecast audio, stuff for the pi
    • Played with pi zero with limited success (more on that later)
    • Richard Thompson concert
  • Joe
    • Started playing Skyrim again along with purchasing Fallout 4.
    • Tried to get them to play under Linux but severe audio and lockup issues. More tinkering required
    • Trying out Cairo toolbar in mint
  • Tony H
    • For the first time I’ve been playing with OBS to record my screen so I can make video tutorials of how to use some of the software I use
    • I’ve also been continuing to play with the Raspberry Pi 3B and run Ubuntu Maté
    • I ordered and received a new mic boom and pop filter and set that up, to improve the quality we can achieve.
    • Installed Mint 19 on a spare Dell E6220 i5 with 4Gig Ram
  • Moss
    • Added LMDE 3 to sda4 and LM 19 Cinnamon to sda6 + Peppermint Oil
    • Lots of little purchases to make the Pi work. Almost done
    • Still trying to get an orange cover for my Fire tablet
    • Working with Nova launcher

The News:

  • Krita launches
    • Community can ask questions, answers provided by staff and community members.
  • Nvidia 410 and 415 driver updates could break Vulcan, Link to fix issue
    • “library_path”: “”
    • Tested on my system and did not have this issue.
  • Ubuntu 18.04 will be supported for ten years.
  • Fedora 27 End of Life
  • In Linux related news, systemd has introduced a new feature
    • to help in case of boot failures.
  • Finnish company Nekuno working on Linux phone running Plasma Mobile

Linux Innards:

  • Tony W
    • Pi Zero with Berryboot (Raspbian, OpenElec etc) and Retropie card.
    • Used berryboot built in options to install Raspbian (very slow on the zero) and Openelec
    • Used Etcher to make retropie SD
    • Etcher was an app image
    • Struggled with controller detection (wired PS2, XBox One, old MS Sidewinder, arcade controls)
    • Worked with keyboard
    • Bluetooth controls are supported for XBox One, Wiimotes. Requires some config
  • Bo
    • Pi 3 icecast2 streaming server/client
    • Liquidsoup + icecast2 = server side audio playback
    • Icecast2 install on DO + pi3 relay icecast server
  • Leo
    • Flatpak, why the big size?
    • Used OSMC on a Pi B+ and a Pi 2 B+. Obviously the Pi 2 was better, but Pi 1 was quite usable.
  • Joe:
    • Got a new Microphone: Blue Snowball
    • PI stuff
    • Mopidy JukeBox build rework
    • External drive
    • SD filling up
    • Attempting to install alexa pi
    • Berryboot build of wonder
    • BB build using 32gb usb3.o
    • Got it setup with openelec and retropie as well as raspbian and ubuntu server
    • Retropie woes
    • BB build using 120gb external
  • Moss
    • Waiting for the wifi dongle
    • Got BerryBoot on SD, haven’t run it yet.


Ep 298 on December 16th at 2PM US/Central

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  1. Brian Murray

    Hi (New) guys…

    Episode 297 audio back on track, nice.
    You seem to be improving with each episode which is brilliant… keep it up👍

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