mintCast 296 VPN and PI


Bi-Weekly Wanderings:
Leo Setting up PiVPN and Pi-Hole on Pi’s and migrating them to a full Ubuntu VM. Testing out K/Ubuntu 18.10. Solus broke for me, gamingwise.

Tony H Using a USB sound card so I could use my headset with integrated microphone on my Toshiba z30 with only a combined audio jack, while on the road last week. Worked flawlessly during the mumble discussion

Playing with OSMC on raspberry pi and flashing up my Motorola lapdock
more on that later.

Tony W Tinkering with Plex, Kodi for Xbox One, bulk file renamer (built into Caja, Thunar). Procured a Pi Zero

Moss USB Sticks – color-coded distros for helpful installations
Continued playing with OpenMandriva 3.03, had a glitch in GRUB after kernel upgrade, fixed it. Tried Rosa, it locked stuff on my computer, had to install something else on that partition to fix it.I will wait for OM4 and install that.
I received a Raspberry Pi 1 with clear case from Joe. Also got a cover for my Fire tablet we talked about, another gift from the mintCast crew.
MeWe group
Plugged mintCast to friends
mintCast t-shirts? Hoodies? Stickers? Thoughts…

Bo Jack audio setup podcast studio
Linux servers never die

Joe More work on youtube-dl and sshfs
David Working on

The News:
In Groundbreaking Decision, Feds Say Hacking DRM to Fix Your Electronics Is Legal

Motorola Supports Right to Repair with Hardware Repair Kits

Opera will block those annoying cookie dialog boxes on its Android app
Opera CEO: Sale To Chinese Consortium Wasn’t Our Decision article says $1.2B
Opera sold to Chinese company for $600M

Samsung project “Linux on Dex” enters Beta

Mark Shuttleworth says he’s not selling anytime soon

Sourcegraph: An Open-Source Source Code Search Engine

CPod: An Open Source, Cross-platform Podcast App

What is a VPN?
Why do I need one?

PIA $6.95/mo, $39.95/12 mos, $69.95/24 mos – US Based
NordVPN $11.95/mo, $83.88/12 mos, $95.75/24 mos – Panama based
Mullvad 5 Eu per month, Paypal or Bitcoin. Period. – Sweden based (not good for Netflix, Hulu users) Free Limited, Basic $48/yr, Plus $96/yr, Visionary $288/yr (some discounts for ProtonMail users) – Switzerland based

ProtonVPN has account charges based on how much access you have. Free only gives you 1 device and 3 nations to connect to. It goes up from there. The others are full access, just length of term.
Some free options:

Apps, openVPN, or Wireguard?
Router VPN or Device-based?

Pi Projects
Leo – PiVPN for logging into my home network and tinkering with my various services (Plex, OpenMediaVault, Pi-Hole, etc.). Pi-Hole for removing ads around the web. uBlock origin for everything Pi-Hole misses.
Tony H – OSMC Box for playing all my ripped DVD’s and video from the net. Installed to both a Pi 2 which works very well, and to a Pi Zero W, which works well if a little slowly, I wouldn’t want to use the Zero W for streaming web video, say from YouTube, but just to play local media it works fine.
I also installed the Pi version of Ubuntu Maté which works well on a Raspberry Pi 3 but seriously struggles to set up correctly on the Pi2 although this was with my Lapdock and I need to investigate if this is the problem or if the Pi2 is just a little underpowered for Ubuntu, despite Raspbian working without a hitch.
Tony W: Saving this until next episode
Pi Zero Retropie, wiimote pairing.
Arcade cabinet
VPN docker
SSH port forwarding
Secure messaging
Daily Drawing bot
Moss (Got my Pi 11/13, waiting for SD card for OS)

Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ Released For $25
Finally! The Venerable RISC OS is Now Open Source

More Pi to come! OSMC,

5 thoughts on “mintCast 296 VPN and PI

  1. Hi guys.

    I’m not sure what encoding settings you have started using since you took over but it doesn’t sound great. It sounds like AM radio to me and is very hard to listen to. I tend to use 96kbps, 44.1K, 16bit, mono, constant bitrate. Let me know if you want any help with this.

    • I don’t know if you heard the feedback section but Leo mentioned that for simplicity they have started off using the Mumble recording rather than mixing local recordings of all the hosts. That might be part of the issue. He said they increased the quality of the Mumble recording. I thought 296 sounded a little better than 295.

    • The ‘new’ recording parameters are not usable by my auto CD player. Mediainfo isn’t clear but it appears to be a variable bit rate. Please use a constant bit rate of 64 or 96kbps.
      Thanks, Mike

  2. I believe it was Leo who mentioned wanting an Android podcatcher app that synched to the computer. AntennaPod does this! Well, it syncs to Then you can get a desktop app that also syncs with like CPod and, well, gPodder (

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