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  • Rob and Isaac are still having no luck getting a BSD distro to work. Isaac tried out GhostBSD, while Rob tried out OpenBSD and FreeBSD.

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2 Replies to “mintCast 290 – BSD”

  1. Will

    I’d say half of your disorientation listening to BSD Now is the same thing normal people feel when they listen to a Linux podcast like mintCast. I started off using Ubuntu as just a novice user and then got more serious about Linux when I started a new job where there was an option to use Linux on my work laptop instead of Windows. At that time, I started listening to Linux podcasts to learn more about it and they were mostly overwhelming at first. At first, Going Linux was about the only one I could follow, then I moved on to mintCast, then Linux Luddites, and then the Jupiter Broadcasting shows.

    BSD Now gave me the same feeling as the Linux shows. The reason I say that only half the disorientation is due to not being familiar with BSD is that there is also a topic shift with BSD Now compared to Linux podcasts. The Linux podcasts are all aimed at casual/hobbyist/desktop users. As you have been finding out, really no one uses BSD as a desktop system unless they are major enthusiast of BSD for other reasons. Most BSD users use it for some kind of networking task — router, firewall, file server, etc. So the topics on BSD Now are geared towards these people — people involved in the detailed operation of networking systems.

    I really liked listening to Allan Jude on TechSNAP (the current TechSNAP is still nice but different without him), so I have tried listening to BSD Now, but the topics are just too foreign to me to hold my interest.

  2. Brian in Dorset, UK

    Hi Rob and Isaac – Many thanks for the heads up on BSD. I tried it a couple of years ago. I can’t remember which version I used but I couldn’t get into the first restart. I think I’ve been spoiled by Mint! A question for you, Rob. I think I heard you say you’re using an ssd drive. Any comments – pros and cons? I’ve just renewed by desktop after 5 years continuous use and the new one came with a ssd and spinner-drives. Interesting sorting out this new-fangled UEFI-business. However, I just installed Mint as normal. Any chance you could give a few minutes on setting up with ssd drives and what to watch out for? Re LM19 – I’ve tinkered with it, though I shall persist with 18.3 till possibly 19.1 arrives. Keep up the good work.

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