mintCast 280 – Ran Levi of Malicious Life



Interview: Ran Levi of Malicious Life

  • Isaac and Rob got a chance to speak with Ran Levi, the host of the Malicious Life podcast, about malware, viruses, Linux, and life!
  • Ran Levi on Twitter @ranlevi
  • Malicious Life:

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  • Next time we’ll be talking about cron, anacron, and all that.
  • See you in a couple of weeks!

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2 Replies to “mintCast 280 – Ran Levi of Malicious Life”

  1. Will

    When you said you were going to have a guest last episode, my first thought was that maybe Isaac had convinced his new friend RMS to come on the show. Then my second thought was maybe Ran, but I thought he was probably too big to come on mintCast. Maybe you can get Stallman next time. You already have the ogg feed set up. This was a great episode. It has been a while since you had a guest on — you should do it more often.

  2. Brian36

    Hi and thanks for that gripping interview with Ran Levi. I have a close acquaintance who works for IT security. It’s trying to get folk to see that it can be a problem and then agreeing to spend the money! I’ve started listening to Ran’s podcasts. I’ve blanked out webcams for a long time. Ran mentioned viruses on Linux being few. I guess that’s an advantage of having a restricted Linux user population.
    Thank’s for the mention of uBlock. I just get fed up with videos and sound following me around the website.
    Being a bit arthritic, I prefer keyboard shortcuts and the spacebar is handy for page-down and shift+spacebar for page-up. You need to keep the focus on that page. The CTRL and ‘+’ or ‘-‘ is useful for enlarging or making smaller the web-page.
    Good work, guys. Thanks. Mintcast will stay on my podcast list – it’s just at my level.

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