mintCast 279 – Looking back at 2017 predictions



Bi-weekly Wanderings:

  • Isaac got some new books and is using GPG more.
  • Rob ran into some issues with a cron job, started using Joplin over Evernote, and is still having issues with his Onion Omega2.


Linux Innards:

  • Rob and Isaac look back at the predictions they made for 2017 and then attempt to make some for 2018.

Vibrations from the Ether:

  • Thanks to everyone that emailed us or left comments on the webpage.
  • Contribute to Linux Mint!

Check this out!:

  • Rob
  • ¬†Isaac
    • Found out that you can return back Audible books
    • Turn off autofill on your browsers everyone!
    • After reading all about Emacs v/s Vi (or Vim) I realized why RMS calls Vi the editor of the beast
    • Snowden created a new phone app called Haven

Pre-Show Music:

Podcast Announcements:

  • Send us your bumper or intro or outro music.
  • Next time we’ll be discussing last year’s and new year’s predictions.
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone….we’ll be back in 3 weeks!

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Hosts: Rob and Isaac
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2 Replies to “mintCast 279 – Looking back at 2017 predictions”

  1. jerry murphy

    Look at simplenote to take notes across multiple platforms. Android and Linux apps. Can use browser if app not installed on a system.

  2. Rob H

    I looked at SimpleNote about a year ago. For some reason I did’t completely love it, although I can’t recall why just now. Maybe the notes required network access to use? I want to be able to see my notes even if I’m offline (although they wont synchronize, of course). I need to take another look at SimpleNote. It’s done by the WordPress folks, right?

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