mintCast 271 – Why We’ve Been Gone!




Main Topic:

  • Rob talks about all the stuff that’s been stopping the mintCast crew over the last month and a half..

Tips & Websites:

What are you reading?:

  • Rob
    • Finished: The Collapsing Empire — John Scalzi
    • Walkaway — Cory Doctorow
    • The Way of Kings — Brandon Sanderson
    • Looking for a good introductory text on Philosophy.
  • Isaac
    • Libertarianism: A Primer
    • A couple more books on Libertarianism
    • Couple of Math books
    • The Shadow Factory: The NSA from 9/11 to Eavesdropping on America
    • The Fractalist: Memoir of a Scientific Maverick
    • Been reading over a bunch of JavaScript books lately for work

Pre-Show Music:

Podcast Announcements:

  • We should be back to normal soon after a very challenging August!
  • Next podcast will be Sunday, September 24, 2017 to kick off a new topic series. Please give us some feedback on the ideas suggested around the 1-hour mark of this episode. Other ideas are always welcome as well, of course!

More Information:

Hosts: Rob and Isaac
Live Stream every other Sunday 2:00 p.m.(Central):

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Podcast Entry and exit music provided by Mark Blasco ( Podcast bumpers provided by Oscar.

6 Replies to “mintCast 271 – Why We’ve Been Gone!”

  1. Will

    I have enjoyed the Linux from Scratch journey. I would have been interested to hear you go a little further and get a desktop environment or two working. Of the new ideas, I think starting with the spices might be better. It gives you a smaller scope to start out on but still exposes you to the Mint development system. You could move on to more core components afterwards.

  2. Brian36 Dorset England

    Rob – Welcome back! You’ve had quite a tour around the planet. We saw the Cajun Navy on British TV. Very well done! We live on the side of a hill so I expect Noah to help us out if we got flooded. About Linux, I’ve been trying out Debian based Antix and derivative MX on a couple of old laptops. MX is prettier using XFCE. Looking forward to hearing Isaac again.

  3. Morten Juhl-Johansen Zölde-Fejér

    Rob, surprised with your Home folder comment.
    It is true that Thunderbird keeps your emails there, but surely you use IMAP or a similar service?
    I was never afraid of Nuke and Pave because my emails were safely stashed in the IMAP folders, and I need the folders synced on several computers and my phone?

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