mintCast 264 – Building Linux Woes



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  • Rob talks about the problems and solutions he encountered as he works his way through Chapter 6 of building Linux From Scratch. Isaac does a quick run through of Chapters 7 and 8, while realizing he needs to get started on BLFS (Beyond Linux From Scratch).

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Hosts: Rob and Isaac
Live Stream every other Sunday 2:00 p.m.(Central):

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1 thought on “mintCast 264 – Building Linux Woes

  1. I don’t have much feedback, but since no one else left a comment I just wanted say this was a nice episode.

    I have tried really hard not to learn bash syntax (because I find it so convoluted) but I have still picked up a lot of it over the years. Rob might consider writing the scripts in another language. If I need any control flow or more complex data structures, I often switch to python and do something like this:

    import shlex
    import subprocess

    def run(command):

    run(‘make install’)


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