mintCast 253 – BlackArch Linux



Main Topic: BlackArch Linux

  • Rob and Isaac discuss their experiences using BlackArch Linux, a penetration testing distro.

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Hosts: Rob, Scott, Joe and Isaac
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3 thoughts on “mintCast 253 – BlackArch Linux

  1. Isaac, you might be interested in It is a set of coding exercises that walk you through some historical cases of broken cryptography.

  2. While this is the latest podcast entry, I have to say that you guys really went off into the weeds on #252 about the Linux ‘desktop’ lack of market penetration. No mention was made of the unheralded purchase of Vertical Market app companies by the usual lock-in corps Oracle, Microsoft, etc. They will do their usual ‘magic’ of requiring their proprietary back end databases.
    However, if these kind of apps stick with a browser interface there isn’t much reason Not to use a simpler, cheaper, less vulnerable Linux desktop client with a modern browser. In a LAN environment with many clients, LTSP is a good way to lock down the desktop configuration.

  3. Hey guys. This message is mostly for Isaac. I’ve been in a somewhat similar position of learning Linux and having interest in expanding my knowledge. I’ve run debian on a couple different computers and mint on a laptop for a little while. Your experience with arch on this episode and back in January convinced me to try and put arch on an old computer that dropped into my lap. And after some trial-and-error, I got archlinux working (even the broadcom wireless)! It’s been a fun experience learning more about how the innards of the os work.

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