mintCast 235 – The Wily Werewolf



Main Topic: Ubuntu 15.10 – The Wily Werewolf



  • Fish shell ( If you use terminal a lot, then try out Fish shell, I been using it more lately and starting to really like it.  More powerful than bash and more user-friendly then zsh
  • Install Samba Server on Ubuntu 15.10 ( Going along with the topic this week, here’s a how-to on installing Samba Server on Ubuntu 15.10

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5 thoughts on “mintCast 235 – The Wily Werewolf

  1. Two comments:

    Anyone running any Ubuntu 15.04 variant will need to upgrade to 15.10, assuming it works. 15.04 expires in January!

    To listen to podcasts offline, one can use Miro to gather the files, then use your file manager to browse the .miro/movies folders. I find Miro to be imperfect, but good enough.

  2. Hey, regarding the Softpedia claiming 2.8.3 is released, they’re literally just going off what is being tagged on github. It’s probably automated I would imagine.

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