mintCast 163: Linux Mint 15 Mate

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The Main Topic: Linux Mint 15 Mate

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Hosts: Rob, Scott, James
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Podcast Entry and exit music provided by Mark Blasco ( The podcast’s bumpers were provided by Oscar.

7 thoughts on “mintCast 163: Linux Mint 15 Mate

  1. Sorry to be a pain, but any chance of an RSS for the Ogg files too? They used to be in the default feed, but now it’s just the mp3.

  2. Damn, and I loved getting the MP3 podcast so my phone would play it. Time to change the feed URL in Amarok. Luckily it was Solyd-easy.

    • After a comment from a listener, I’ve found an even better RSS solution. You might want to change your feed URL one more time, Sorry!

      • Not a problem. I’ve got Amarok updated with the new URL. Thanks for responding so quickly. I’m looking forward to hearing this week’s ‘cast. (I forgot to listen to Everyday Linux Thursday night so I heard it last night, pushing mintCast back one night.)

        Have a a great weekend, y’all!

  3. I really enjoyed the coverage of Linux Mint 15 Mate edition and look forward to using it in the future. I heard about people doing games in the mdm thing whats that all about?

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