mintCast 156: Ken Starks

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  • An interview with Ken Starks.

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5 Replies to “mintCast 156: Ken Starks”

  1. Patrick

    Great to hear of Ken Starks work … absolute respect and an extended thanks goes out to Ikey Doherty (Solus OS) for going the extra mile in providing a custom distro for Ken.

  2. Nagilum

    I have to agree with the ext4 assessment.
    IMHO ext4 and xfs are the main contenders. I find ext4 more lightweight so I typically use it on smaller boxes (less than 16 threads). There are a few issues with regards to metadata so it’s not good if you plan to use it for setting up glusterfs or Ceph but otherwise it’s probably one of/if not the fastest fs for Linux.
    The only reason for chosing ext3 over ext4 I can think of are external dependencies i.e. your bootloader doesn’t know about ext4 or you want to mount it on some OS that doesn’t know ext4.
    btrfs is probably also a solid choice but so far it hasn’t really made much inroads into the Enterprise as of yet – probably because ext4 and xfs work so well and the additional features solve problems that have already been solved in other ways.
    F2FS is a special use case that probably shines when used on flash devices but I see no reason to use it anywhere else.

  3. BostonPeng

    Hey guys. Sorry to be gone so long, my media player died a while back and my phone went so stupid on me I can’t do anything anymore while I listen to podcasts. Luckily I received a new laptop recently (the screen on the old one died on me recently) and now I can fire up the laptop while listening to the ‘Cast, something I couldn’t do that easily before thanks to a dead battery.

    I loved hearing about Reglue and Helios. It reminds me of a group I used to work with here in Beantown, Virtually Wired. They had a public access computer area where people could come in and use VW’s computers, but they also did a nice bit of computer education. They also took donations of old hardware and gave them to people who needed them, although I don’t recall how they decided who would get hardware.

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