mintCast 147: Screen Recorders

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7 Replies to “mintCast 147: Screen Recorders”

  1. Lieven

    Thanks for the episode, I will try them all out. Time to flood YouTube with all my poorly recorded videos. At the bottom of my videos I will put the line “powered by” and then a nice and large logo of the mintCast so people will know where to direct their complaints :-p
    Your podcast is one of the few I keep refreshing my podcast rss-feeds for.

  2. ioconnor

    Thanks for the episode on screen recording. For some reason I’ve never attempted it. So when I saw the episode I was intrigued. I use Mint 14 XFCE and tried ffmpeg but the command says to use avconv. So I looked up avconv to find in the documentation that I should compile everything to get the very latest. I made some nice scripts with their instructions but in the end they did not work. So I used synaptic and the avconv/ffmpeg it installs works fine as far as I can tell. I run dual monitors and the larger of the two I set down to HD720 and then use this command to capture the microphone and everything that appears on the larger monitor: ffmpeg -f x11grab -r 25 -s hd720 -i :0.0 -f alsa -i hw:0,0 -strict experimental /tmp/out.mp4

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