mintCast Episode 134: Short and to the Point


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2 Replies to “mintCast Episode 134: Short and to the Point”

  1. merelyjim

    Good job, James.

    If it’s any consolation, had a an ugly experiance earlier this week; running Windows 8 [the Ocho]. Put it all on the blog (, but summary is “Windows 8 – doesn’t completely suck. Just has that Microsoft handicap going for it.”

    It does kind of dovetail back into the Meego topic; Apple is spreading the same interface across iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Windows 8 hass the same tactic for Microsoft… And here Linux is, fractured across Chrome-books, Android, Meego, Tizan, and who knows what else.

    Feels like we’re about to get steam-rolled by a huge Marketing Machine, and all we’ll have to come back with is, “but we’re all Aces on Servers.”

  2. gregzeng

    Mintcast 132: thank you. I generally don’t use Mint; too slow with updates (especially kernels).

    Found the Linux chat much more interesting, whilst working at the keyboard (atm Win7-64, ‘cos Linux does not have the Windows apps I need yet).

    Generally favor Ubuntu Studio 12.10, because it is based on XFCE, but has apps that I need in-built.

    Retired Chief Information Officer (1984)
    Australian Capital Territory

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