Episode 106: Mint 12 KDE vs Netrunner Dryland 4.1


  • Nvidia joins the Linux Foundation (ZDNet)
  • Raspberry PI News: Official O/S, Fedora PI remix available for download… (OStatic)
  • …and Production hits snag causing delay in delivery (Raspberry PI)
  • Recent Developments in Oracle vs Google (ITWorld)

The Main Topic:

  • Linux Mint 12 KDE vs Netrunner 4.1 Dryland

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3 Replies to “Episode 106: Mint 12 KDE vs Netrunner Dryland 4.1”

  1. Martyn Lewis

    Hi guys, another great show, I just wanted to bring something to your attention; I used Doubletwist as my podcast catcher but for some reason I cannot add MintCast to it and have to download it manually from the website. Is there a way to add the feed to Doubletwist? Keep up the great work

  2. Bob

    What I do not like about Netrunner is their theme choice. They try to mimick Windows 7. If I want Windows 7, than I would use Windows 7. Talk about originality!. They should stick with KDE themes. I want Linux as my distro, not a Windows clone. Prefer Linux Mint 12 KDE.

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