Episode 103: So You Want to Live Stream?


The Main Topic: Building a Live Stream



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7 thoughts on “Episode 103: So You Want to Live Stream?

  1. Hey Guys! You have episode 102 linked to the player above. If you manually download you get 103 so that’s okay!

  2. Saw a documentary the other night called “The Atom Smashers” about Fermilab near Chicago. They spent a large amount of time talking about trying to find the Higgs boson. Favorite quote: “It is extremely difficult trying to find a black cat in a dark room. Especially when the cat is not in the room.”

  3. Haven’t heard the whole podcast yet (silly me forgot to move it to my media player the other day) but I’m looking at the news and I’m glad to see Computerworld shows KDE is the top DE. Hopefully we’ll see Mint overtake Ubuntu before long. As always I wish we could see LMDE split from the main Mint numbers. I know it will drop Mint in the rankings but I’m curious to see the breakdown of the two bases.

    Yea for New Hampshire!

    I hope to hear the whole podcast tonight. I know I’ll enjoy it.

    FYI: Right below the element to hear the podcast on the page I see, “Your browser does not support the audio element.” Kind of confusing since I can play the podcast on the page but I wanted to mention it in case I’m missing something. I’m using Chromium 16.0.912.77 (Developer Build 118311 Linux) Debian wheezy/sid and I also see it in Firefox 9.0.1.

  4. Gents,
    You mentioned in the show that linux, in general, can have a difficult time with AMD processors. Why is that? Is it only more of a problem with older chips or older kernels; or do the modern dual/triple/quad cores also have problems?


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