Episode 31: User Interview with Klaatu

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So Cal Linux Expo February 19-21

Texas Linux Fest April 10 in Austin, TX

Frostbite Systems: PCs with Linux, including blind-optimized computers.

System76: laptops, desktops and servers with Ubuntu pre-installed

Trenton Computer Festival April 24-25: Richard Stallman will be keynote speaker

User Interview with Klaatu

Leader of the recent Great Linux Multimedia Sprint

Web sites Klaatu is involved with:






http://www.unixporn.com/ – it’s not porn, it’s unix

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2 Replies to “Episode 31: User Interview with Klaatu”

  1. Jim

    Must say you are getting Art and now Klaatu! He has his own nice podcast i listen to occasionally! Good guy! And a YES man to boot! Go Steve Howe! Great show! Art is from Joisey like myself…:-)

  2. max

    I couldn’t leave a comment in the wallpaper section but it appears that the voting is not perfect. I was able to vote several times from different computers. Then you e-mail your buddies to vote etc. The sudden rise of the antenna wall paper is suspect.

    I did not submit a wallpaper BTW.

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