Episode 24: A Tale of Two Distros

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Linux on the radio – 30 seconds – mp3ogg
Linux on the radio – 60 seconds – mp3ogg

Ubuntu 9.10

Sabayon 5.o

Web site of the week

Review Linux.com


Alt+F5 will unmaximize the selected window.


Tycho – Info Select replacement for Linux

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3 Replies to “Episode 24: A Tale of Two Distros”

  1. Brad

    Hey guys, glad to hear you are using reader as well. I’d appreciate a link to your shared items, otherwise you can add me as a contact/friend so I can follow your shared items.

  2. Elena (axolote)

    I have Jaunty standard installed on my EeePC, rather than UNR. I installed maximus to get the benefit of maximized windows on the smaller screen. But, yeah, I don’t necessarily want EVERY program’s window maximized when I open it (e.g., VLC).
    So, I use Alt-F10 to quickly toggle between maximizing and un-maximizing a window. Alt-F9 will minimize the window.

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