I’ve been into computers and tweaking computers, from a young age since about 1999. I had been raised on Windows all of my early life and was always tweaking. In most cases this involved heavily modifying the OS. As you know this is not always legal on Windows.

I had been unhappy with Windows as a whole as I had been reloading XP 4 to 5 times a year, and had been searching for any alternative. I had heard of a cool OS called Linux while searching around on the net and soon decided to check it out. I had played around with it and Mac OSX for a little while, but I soon found that like Windows, OSX really wasn’t my cup of tea.

So by process of elimination I chose to dive into Linux. At first I couldn’t get anything installed and broke the system a few times. After much frustration I regrettably returned to Windows. Then in about 2008 or 2009 I began dual booting Fedora/Ubuntu with XP after liking some of the updates in the then new versions of Ubuntu and Fedora. Fedora broke more often than Ubuntu, this being said I could never keep Fedora booting for more than a few weeks. So I defaulted to Ubuntu as my distro of choice.

Fast forward to college, XP crashed and was unrecoverable for the last time! I made the full switch to Ubuntu. Fast forward again to now, I am currently running Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, and Mint. Windows, HA!, but due to me being a Physics/Math major there is one program that only runs in Windows that requires me to boot into Windows. But luckily the others I need to run have Linux clients! So now I only boot into Windows for one thing or when I’m on the university’s computers. I love Linux and its flexibility and am avidly converting windows users left and right!